Enable pan-European dialogue between citizens.

Join the network and become a national partner.

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Discuss issues. Break your filterbubble across borders.

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Determine your position on European issues to find a discussant.

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Have multiple chats at the same time.

Introducing Talking Europe

Talking Europe is a pan-European initiative connecting people with opposing political views across Europe.

In 1:1 chats citizens engage in meaningful online conversations about European topics ahead of the EU elections in 2019. The matching algorithm finds a discussant from across the aisle.

Modern translation tools ensure real-time translation of the chats and enable discussants to participate in their mother tongue.

Talking Europe bursts filter bubbles and promotes democratic dialogue throughout Europe!


The Platform

The Talking Europe platform can be accessed through your browser or the mobile app. The platform’s content will be translated into every European language.

Users are matched on the basis of their political preferences. They can chat anonymously or with an account.

The digital infrastructure is currently being developed and builds on the national platforms of the German, Dutch and Swedish projects.


The network

Talking Europe is a network of politically neutral non-profit organizations, institutions and initiatives from all over Europe. Together, we promote European democracy and boost pan-European political dialogue.

The platform will be available in at least seven European languages before the European Elections. In every country, Talking Europe wants to attract citizens via one pan-european campaign and coordinated national campaigns.

After the European elections, Talking Europe has the ambition to become a network of stand-alone national platforms connected to a joint pan-European platform. So far, national discussion platforms have been launched in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, by using the free-to-use source code.


… does this sound appealing?

Join forces with us and become the national initiator
for Talking Europe in your country

  • work with us on the pan-European camapaign and set up your national campaigns during April and May 2019!

  • establish relationships with local media partners and others to promote the app!

  • work with us to translate the platform’s content in different language!

  • give input and decide with us on theses that will be discussed in the chats!

Help us to promote pan-European dialogue and democracy!

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While you are an equal partner, development, administration and maintenance of the app are ensured by Diskutier Mit Mir e.V., a non-profit NGO from Germany. The German Federal Agency for Civic Education will cover the costs for developing the digital infrastructure, part of the pan-European campaign and templates for your national campaign.

The tentative launch date is set for April 1st, 2019.
If you want more information, please fill in the form above or hit us up at contact@talkingeurope.eu.