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Talking Europe connects citizens having an opposing political view - and living in a different country!

Our mission is to create a European public sphere. We want to foster democracy and cohesion in Europe.


The matching algorithm of Talking Europe connects discussants from different European countries. Along the way, modern translation tools ensure real-time translation of the chats.

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Franco-German Discussions in May 2020

Chat with other Europeans on the Franco-German channel. You can use your own language!

Oriane, France

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Talking Europe gives the chance to understand local politics, to have another perspective on our own countries and to raise awareness in serious issues Europe is facing.

How Talking Europe works.

  1. Download the app or visit  www.talkingeurope.com.

  2. Choose the language you want to use the app in. You can even chat in that language!

  3. Register or start your anonymous 1:1 chat directly. Registered users can have multiple chats at the same time and get push notifications for messages and updates!

  4. Choose your channel, e.g. Europe.

  5. Answer five questions to define your political opinion. Tell your chat partner a bit more about yourself - if you like!

  6. We will find your match right away - or will notify you when a match is found. This might take a few seconds or up to one day, depending on hw many people are online.

  7. You want to discuss a new topic? Simply choose from a broad range of topics we provide.

  8. Discuss, reflect and get to know different political positions.

  9. If your chat partner behaves worngly, insults you or breaches our chat rules, you can quickly report that or change the chat partner.



"Opinion-Bubbles" shape social discourse throughout Europe. People have always been shaped by their social environment in terms of their social views and political convictions. However, media and technological developments are accelerating this trend. Social networks want to keep their users on the platform as long as possible - algorithms are designed to avoid cognitive dissonance. Thus, only information that corresponds to one's own ideas is displayed and conflicts are usually reproduced loudly and unobjectively. At the same time, with trade unions, churches and political parties, the institutions that traditionally served the (opinion) exchange between different social groups are losing importance. In the end, political discourse is more polarized than it has been for a long time. In talk shows, Facebook comment columns and on Twitter, polemical and undifferentiated statements are often the most popular.

Looking at Europe, it can be observed that there is serious split between eastern and western European states and societies. Also, social and political debates are still limited to nation states. An exchange between European citizens hardly takes place and all too often remains at the level of political and economic elites. The result is a widespread lack of interest in the European Union and too little exchange with each other. This poses a threat to European cohesion, mutual understanding across borders and the European idea. The lack of a common language poses a high threshold for a lot of people to participate in European discussions and exchange.


We belive, there is a lack of places and opportunities for EU citizens to meet and discuss the future of the EU in a reasonable, safe and easy manner. Yet, the internet, digitisation and artifical intelligence provide a lot of potential for low-threshold exchange across borders and opinions. It enables citizens to meet online within a few clicks and have discussions about the recent news in their mother tongue. Our mission is to make use of this potential and shape the reasonable, hate-speech free, low-threshold online exchange of tomorrow.



Talking Europe is a network of politically neutral non-profit organizations, institutions and initiatives from all over Europe. It was started by the Berlin-based non-profit NGO Diskutier Mit Mir and Amsterdam-based Vox Pop Academy. Diskutier Mit Mir was founded by four friends who were upset with the fragmented and hatespeech-dominated dialogue on social media and created an online dialogue platform in Germany in 2017. Before the European Elections in 2019, with the help of the Dutch Vox Pop Academy and the Swedish Studieförbunden, the principle of Diskutier Mit Mir was elevated to the European level. It was also introduced in Sweden (www.sverigepratar.se) and Hungary (www.vitapp.hu) by the respective network members.


The network currently has active partners in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland and Germany. Each of them brings different perspectives and experience into the work for the common vision of better online dialogue and enhanced democracy. Some partners introduced their own national app, some participated in translating the content of the app and coordinated a national campaign. In every country participating, Talking Europe offers citizens the possibility for online dialogue in their native language via the translated pan-European platform. The network is open to every individual, group or established organization if they share the underlying principles of non-profit, non-governmental work and are committed to European democracy, online dialogue and modern communication.


The network
The coordinating team - Diskutier Mit Mir e.V.
Team of Diskutier Mit Mir e.V.

Want to learn more about us? 

Here, you can find a collection of articles, videos and material with detailled information. We are working on making them available in more languages. 


Past Campaigns & Projects

We are working to improve democracy and cohesion in Europe. Our main project is the European dialogue platform Talking Europe. Before the European Elections 2019, we brought together over 5.600 people in all EU member states (except Estonia). Talking Europe includes the national dialogue platforms in Hungary, Sweden and Germany who are up to many more projects in their countries. Talking Europe works together with the voting advice applications of the NECE network to give citizens the possibility for discussions after they were advised on their voting: Wahl-O-Mat (local elections), Stem Wijzer, Vote & Vous and Vokskabin (European Elections). We cooperated with the European EUROMAT.

Future Projects & Ideas

Our future projects will center around the use of digitisation in European dialogue and exchange. We want to organise Europe-wide online discussion days to give more people the possibility of direct European dialogue. For this we will work closely with other organisations. We are looking into possibilities to use Talking Europe and live-translated dialogue in transnational youth exchange to lower the threshold in European exchange. Up to date information can be found on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channel.


As NGO we create and translate the material and content on our own. Where suitable we use the artificial intelligence tool www.deepl.com. Some of the content, especially the statements that can be discussed in the chats, is created together with expernal partners and experts.  We are always looking forward to feedback and input. Simply contact us.

You want to support us?

Did we trigger you to get active too? We are always looking for motivated team members who would like to bring new ideas and support our team. Simply contact us!

At the moment, we are especially looking for a

Campaign- and Communications Officer (volunteer)


Do you want to tell your friends about us? Check our social media channels and follow us. Provide some feedback, so we can learn from your remarks and improve our product and ideas.


Are you a journalist or do you want to write about us? Please find all necessary info about Talking Europe and the network here. ​

If you want to support us financially, the easiest way is to do so via our account on betterplace. Transparent, fair and professional. Your support will help us to finance servers, the office for our employees or to provide a fair salary for our interns. Please note: The donation is made for Diskutier Mit Mir e.V. who coordinates Talking Europe. Let us now in the form if your donation is for a specific cause!



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